Your host: Barbara Becc

Barbara is a woman, adulting at level 48 and has decided to publish a novel soon.

I started writing fanfiction in 2012 and as it turned out, I had finally found something that I liked doing and was good at. Now I’m trying my hands at original stories with strong female characters.

OMG, are you a feminist? I seem to have missed the memo that said that it is now an insult to be a feminist. I’m a woman working in tech, writing scifi among other things — of course I’m a feminist, I’d be stupid if I wasn’t!

I’m also on tumblr: the960writers.tumblr.com, where I reblog the awesome writing advice you can find on there. The writing community on tumblr, the writelrs and writeblrs are very friendly and supportive and have collected great resources.

Really, if you’re looking for resources and writing advice, check out my tags page on my tumblr (so organised, I’m telling you). I have stuff about indie publishing, outlining, book design, general writing advice that I like to call storycraft, worldbuilding, editingmythology and history for inspiration, and lots more.
If you’re looking for something, I bet I have a post for that. Feel free to ask me!

As a sideblog I also have tumblr at barbarabecc.tumblr.com/ where I post about my writing process sometimes.


You can find me as barbex all over the internet:

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